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What is special cable?


  Special cables are cables that can be used in specific occasions for specific purposes. General special cables need to establish enterprise internal control standards. High added value. Special cables can be roughly divided into four categories: high-temperature resistant wire and cable, functional wire and cable, new type of green insulation and environmental protection wire and cable, use and structure of special wire and cable.

  According to the Foresight Industry Research Institute's "Foresight of China's Special Cable Industry Market and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report 2015-2020", special cables account for about 30% of the total sales in China's cable market and about 40 billion yuan. Special cables are widely used in power grids, communications, rail transit and other fields. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, China will build four regional power grids, namely, Sanhua (North China-Central-East China), Northeast, Northwest and South China, to construct UHVDC transmission lines between the four regional power grids, and an UHV AC grid with three vertical and three horizontal lines within the regional power grid. In the meantime, the whole country will speed up the construction of optical fiber broadband network, next generation Internet and new generation mobile communication infrastructure, and basically build a new generation of broadband, integrated and safe communication infrastructure; in addition, the future railway rail transit and urban light rail transit will accelerate the construction. Above large-scale investment and construction requires the cable thoroughly updated and upgraded, special cable ushered in a huge development opportunity.

  In addition, the rapid development of construction, automotive, household appliances and mining industry has brought great market to the special cable industry.

  It is worth noting that almost all the cables needed by China's cables depend on imports. Although there are more than 7,000 manufacturers in China, almost all of them are concentrated in the low-end areas, relying on low prices to compete for the market, which has become a bottleneck for the development of domestic enterprises. At present, in the field of cable with large profit margins, China's market is completely dominated by transnational giants.

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